Useful information for landowners

To develop our proposals for the VIP project in the New Forest we need to carry out environmental and engineering surveys. To enable this to happen we are contacting landowners and occupiers along the route corridor.

New Forest landowners

We are contacting landowners who might be affected by the project so we can confirm their interests. In some cases we may need to discuss securing access so we can carry out more detailed on-the-ground studies. Please be assured that National Grid and its contractors will not enter any land until the appropriate consent has been secured.

We have appointed land agents Bruton Knowles to act on our behalf and contact all those people with land interests.

If you haven’t heard from them already, we are encouraging anyone with an interest in land affected by the project to get in touch with them so they can arrange a meeting with you on our behalf.

Bruton Knowles can be contacted at: 01452 880000

Please reference National Grid’s VIP project when you call.